More than 1000 audience members came together to LAUGH FOR LIFE at the No Laughing Matter Comedy Gala on Sunday the 13th October at the Enmore Theatre. Join the hilarity and help raise awareness for suicide prevention at the same  at 9.30pm on Friday 1st November as The Comedy Channel Presents the exclusive broadcast of the event.

NLM 2013 Sammy J and Randy Hosted by the irreverent SAMMY J AND RANDY, the awesome line-up boasts top Aussie talent - TOM BALLARD, CLAIRE HOOPER, PETER BERNER, MIKEY ROBINS, FIONA O’LOUGHLIN, HEATH FRANKLIN, TOMMY LITTLE, TOMMY DEAN, JOEL CREASEY, MICHAEL WORKMAN, FELICITY WARD, KEVIN KROPINYERI, LUKE HEGGIE, CIEL, NEEL KOLHATKAR AND SMART CASUAL. All proceeds from ticket sales and donations will go to Suicide Prevention Australia.

Suicide is a real and often hidden problem. Unfortunately over 2,300 people lose their lives to suicide every year, and another 65,000 feel so desperate they attempt to take their own lives. But suicide is preventable in the majority of instances.

Suicide Prevention Australia is working to create an Australia community that knows how to give help and how to get help. Join us in helping make suicide prevention everybody’s business. To learn more about Suicide Prevention Australia visit us at

Funds from the 2013 NLM Comedy Gala will go towards supporting Suicide Prevention Australia lead the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention. The coalition is a group of over 25 leading Australian mental health and suicide prevention organisations, including beyondblue, Lifeline, RUOK? Day and the Black Dog Institute. The coalition aim is to halve suicides in the next decade, and NLM is vital to help raise the funds we need to ensure this impact.